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  More and MORE!! - Choose from over 500 attachments you can include!! We have new Giving Changes  
    Everything videos, Social Entrepreneur PDFS, and many more!  
  Send Multiple Attachments! - Want to send multiple things in one email? How about a group of information  
    on LIFT that includes a video and two PDF files explaining why water based ingredients are better? How about two videos on MannaRelief and a PDF explaining Giving Changes Everything? The combinations are limitless! In addition, messages can be as long as you want!  
  View Your Sent Messages! - Ever wish for a way to keep track of who you sent messages to and what was  
    sent? Your notepad certainly works (as does ours), but now we have a very easy to understand way to view your sent messages. You can sort by date sent, by recipient email address, name, and even view the exact message your recipient received!  
And of course, the Same Low Price of 7 bucks a month!