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Who is Manna Marketing Tools:

MannaMarketingTools.com was created for Associates to use the Internet to expand their Mannatech business by sending compliant information out to their contacts quickly and easily along with a professional and personalized image. One of our main goals when creating this website was to group Mannatech videos, documents, and PDFs into one location so the Mannatech Associate would have compliant infomation at their fingertips and could spend more time building their business, instead of searching for vital information to send to their contacts and downline.

So, check out the website! We welcome any questions or feedback!



Why use MannaMarketingTools.com:
Compliant -
We do all the hard work for you! We will only allow Mannatech compliant videos and documents to be sent through our site. The information is not altered in any way either by Manna Marketing Tools or by the Associate.
Our goal is to group all current Mannatech video or documents from the US Mannatech websites into one organized location.
Quick and Easy -
Within only a few minutes the Associate can find and send specific Mannatech information to contacts or educational and training materials to their downline, and start dialogue with a professional image.
Personal Branding -
The service we offer creates a highly professional image with instant 'branding' for the Associate. You will be able to send a personal message to a contact and have your name and phone number displayed at the bottom of the video, PDF or document the entire time the client is viewing it. Also the message appears to be sent from your personal email address, so the contact can respond directly to you! This allows each associate to build their business in a very personal way.
Decrease Contact's Access to Bad Press -
We have our own video sending system so the Associate will never receive a video from us that has links to YouTube. This is great because a contact will not be distracted with any untrue or negative information on YouTube.
Downline Education -
Because the videos and PDF documents are organized and grouped together according to topic and product name, our website is a great resource for self educating both new and experienced Associates.
Minimal Skill Needed -
This tool does not require a high technical aptitude. It is three easy steps and the Associates that tested this tool have confirmed that the system can be mastered in one try!
Low Cost –
The fee is $7.00 per month, with unlimited sending ability. Our goal is to provide a very affordable solution to help the associate build their business, yet still have money left to buy their monthly Mannatech products. Billing will come from MannaMarketingTools, not Mannatech.
How do we know everything is COMPLIANT?
We are only putting items on Manna Marketing Tools that have already been approved by Mannatech's compliance department and have been given to the Associates to build their business.
Will this tool have the diagnostics that we are expecting from other tools available?
No, Our philosophy is simple..every Associate initially signed up in Mannatech because of a personal connection that was made with another Associate. We don't want computer diagnostics to substitute the importance of building a strong relationship and following up with people personally.
How is your tool better than other tools?
It isn't necessarily better, it just serves a different purpose than other tools. Our system sends compliant information to a contact in 5 minutes, with NO training needed! There will be over 350 videos and PDFs on the website which you can choose to use in any way you want to build your business. We know each associate has a different style in sharing the Mannatech message, and we respect that. We don't dictate HOW you do business, we simply offer a tool to help you build it. We also know our website is a great 'library resource' to educate yourself or your downline because everything is grouped in a way to find any video or document on any topic within minutes.
Is the $7.00 a month just an introductory rate?
Our monthly fee will be $7.00 for unlimited use! There will be no setup or cancellation fees, and no hidden charges. We want to keep the costs low, because we believe it is very important for associates to spend their money improving their health through buying Mannatech products. As our membership base grows, the only increase we predict is increasing how much money we give to MannaRelief, which won't affect our members in any way!
Are there any additional features you are going to be adding to the site?
Yes! We are going to add the ability to attach several videos or PDFs to your message, with the ability to remove/modifiy them if you change your mind.
We may add a few other simple features, but they won't change this core tool. We will not make this website too high-tech with additional complex features, because we stongly feel it is important to keep this site as easy and low cost as we can! Our core belief is that technology should make our lives easier, not more complicated!
I am concerned about privacy for myself and for my business contacts. What is your privacy policy?
We will NEVER sell any of your personal information or your contact's information to anyone. We do not track your use or your contact's use of the website. The only information we keep is your MannaMarketingTools member information so we can email you website updates, newsletters or billing.